Our Story


ERL, formerly known as  European Racing League, is an esports organizer of "ERL F1 League". Also, since 2017 owner of the Esports team branded as "ERL Esports" .  ERL with over 100 active League and Esports Team members is one of the most popular the Europe`s esports organizations providing online competition to  F1 Codemasters community. League matches are currently played on the Xbox platform on 3 divisions. ERL Esports also organizes teams competition on several others game such as Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 2 and Rocket League.

ERL was built on the ideology that through proper guidance anyone can be a better version of themselves and from that, we provide individuals with business fundamentals that they can utilize for their professional careers and even apply in real life. We find driver that have the desire to work hard to achieve their own person goals while building long lasting relationships that extend far past the sim-racing world.

For more detailed information about our eSports activity and the functioning of the ERL Esports Team can please visit "Our Teams" Subpage.

  • Michał Kleina Chief Executive Officer Michał Kleina
  • Keiran Holmes ERL League Coordinator Keiran Holmes
  • Austin Knight Esports Streaming/Commentary Austin Knight
  • Kedon Lutt Esports Recruitment Kedon Lutt
  • Krystian Mikulski Web Developer Krystian Mikulski