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ERL won first match against Formula1 Team Espana

POSTED BY admin 25 marca 2018

ERL Esports Team took a win in the first match against Formula1 Team Espana.

20 competitive drivers, best F1  livestreamers,  magnificent atmosphere and a lot of great action – we had the pleasure to admire it all during today’s friendly esports event played on Shanghai International Circuit in China.

MiszaPL: Maybe final table isnt showing that, but it was really hard competition for our team, we were all forced push to the limit. I would like to thank the Spanish team for help in organizing this friendly event and  fair play driving. On behalf of erl, thank you for the fight and we are hope for race with you again in re-match race! Special Thanks to Joseprote for

Final Race clasification:

  1. XXXEL  PINCHOXXX – 20pts
  2. ERL Bartek Fras – 19pts
  3. ERL Czaja – 18pts
  4. ERL Montoya – 17pts
  5. ERL Victor03 – 16pts
  6. Kintautiel – 15pts
  7. ERL Krupens – 14pts
  8. ERL MiszaPL – 13pts
  9. ERL Dizzee – 12pts
  10. GORU |||| – 11pts
  11. || Angela || – 10pts
  12. DESTRIPABCN75 – 9pts
  13. jl cano 29 – 8pts
  14. iFreenetiiKz x – 7pts
  15. joseprote – 6pts
  16. PaPaDeVils – 5pts
  17. mH moOn – 4pts
  18. masteRiot – DNF
  19. ERL Nino – DNF
  20. Car Powerful ( finished on p3 – not classified )

Final Team Results: ERL 109 pts,  F1ESP 95 pts



XXXEL PINCHOXX (Formula1 Team Espana) – P1

Esports: Pincho, first of all congratulations to you for winning this race. You showed great pace during the whole weekend, great job. It was your debut in Esports, did you expect you will take a win tonight?

Pincho: Thanks! It was really enjoyable event.  To be honest i was hoping for win but of course  i was not sure, the grid was very strong tonight.

ESports: Yes, qualifications you finished on P4, which was i have to say little bit surprising for the ERL team who saw you as the biggest favorite in pole position. But does  it  was your tactic from the beginning – one quick lap on softs and one pitstop strategy? Could you describe in a few words what the race looked like from your perspective? How did you prepared to the race?

Pincho: Yes exactly, from begining i decided for 1 pit stop strategy ( S-M) becouse it wasthe most effective strategy for myself. I did not prepared to this race specially. Usualy before the races i like to analyze my track rivals, im watching clips and other stuff.  From my perspective it was clean and calm race, lucky i avoided potential serious incidents. On first stint i decided to race carefuly and do not loose to much to Victor and Bartek Fras who chosed Super Softs. During my 2nd stint, when my rival came to the pit for their 2nd pitstops i was focusing on my own race and keept my 5-6 seconds advantage over Bartek.

Esports: Before sunday event, you raced several erl players have previously had the opportunity to meet you in the open lobby. Did you know someone before? Was there anyone you feared in today’s race?

Pincho: Yeah, i know as well many ERL drivers from public lobbies! Before the race the driver which i was afraid the most was ERL Kubica but from some reason he could not take part in tonight event. I hope he will return for a re-match.

Esports: For sure he will be, and you? Did you likeWhat you think about that whole Esports idea?

Pincho: For sure i will be on grid, i really like the Esports idea and looking forward to race against ERL again !

Esports: Thats great news, so thank you very much mate for that interview, once again congratulation for P1 and of course see you on april in re-match lobby! 🙂

Pincho: Thank you very much




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