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ERL League drivers representing ERL Esports will face spanish „Formula1 Team Espana” in the next esports friendly match. Competition will be played on F1 2017 (Xbox One) 

„I’m looking forward to the game. It won’t be easy, Formula1Xbox Team is the biggest league in Spain represented by many decent drivers,” commented ERL Esports manager Michał „Misza” Kleina  following Monday’s agrement. „It’s certainly not an easy match. But after dificult race against WF1 this time we are looking for convincing win” – said Jamie „Dizzee” Maher.

The first match will be played on Sunday at 19:30 (GMT + 1),  rematch in the first free time in the month of April. The first match will be hosted by ERL, who chose the „China” track for the first match.


Race in China will be a Esports debut for the Formula1Xbox Espana  but they have many experienced players in their team such as PapaDevils, Goru or Joseprote. The most competitive ones seem to be Pinchoxxx and Kintautiel.

Live Broadcast will be conducted by Keiran „IamTheKeho” on Twitch/Mixer account.  Direct link to the steam will be posted in current topic on Sunday 2 hours before start of the event. Full Highlights will be available on ERL Esports official Youtube channel.



Below is the official line-ups published by both teams:


ERL Esports:

Williams: ERL  Kubica,  ERL Elliflyerbo

Renault: ERL Victor, ERL MiszaPL

Toro Rosso: ERL Massa, ERL Bartek Fras

Sauber: ERL Dizzee,

Ferrari: ERL Krupens, ERL Montoya (Marcin Dreszer)


Formula1Xbox Team Espana:



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