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On Saturday, February 16, two highly talented and competitive players – TRL Button and KeyMirror2, officially joined the ERL league.

TRL Button: A top driver with huge experience and a great brand;  it’s great news for ERL to know a driver like him as joined.
KeyMirror: A young driver who is already very competitive in the F1 community with massive pace.

Hamdan Ali, ERL League Co-ordinater – ‘we’re 100% certain that the already amazing grid that is currently present in ERL, which is already one of the strongest in the F1 racing community, will be boosted further by the presence of these two drivers. I cant wait to see them race with us!’

Michał Kleina, ERL CEO: – Rob and Jason are well known in the community, and we all know the great potential they have. I feel honored to be able to assist them furthering their development in Esports. And this is not the end, because we plan to announce at the end of this month one more important acquisition of a very talented young driver.

KeyMirror and TRL Buton are further acquisitions recently made in ERL Esports. Both will make their debut in the ERL league competition on the 17th of February for the Belgian Grand Prix. Earlier, the co-operation was due to two Polish sim-racing players ERL Mathias and  ERL Hyperz appearing in PC F1 2018, they compete in Division 2 of the AOR League.

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