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It’s been two weeks since Codemaster’s latest release, F1 2018. With F1’s return also comes the return of the ERL! After a shortened but incredibly intense 5th season, we were lucky enough to witness a very intense championship battle between 5 competitors: ERL Czaja, ERL NicoFR, ERL Miro, ToXiC x FuSiOn and Victorr03. We also saw some great debuts and some fine racing from all – congratulations!  ERL Czaja2004’s season was a tight and fantastic battle and a pleasure to watch him absorb all of the pressure and come out on top to win his first championship. Now, no doubt he will be looking to add to this and achieve something that no other ERL competitor has – become a double ERL Champion.

For this years edition, we would like to invite you to once again participate in the European Racing League, which will contest one full season (Season 6) and a shortened season (Season 7). Although we have not been very active on social media these past few weeks, there has been a lot going on behind the scenes, which we are delighted to inform you will be revealed in the coming days and weeks.


So what’s new in the upcoming edition?
1. A brand new version of the ERL eSports website which will contain the race and championship results of the ERL Championship
2. Opening of the Official ERL eSports shop
3. The first official appearances of the eSports team in offline competitions
4. Establishment of additional ERL teams – potentially racing F1 on PC as well as other games such as Rocket League
5. Establishment of a second division within ERL
6. Acquiring a title sponsor for matches and accounts

This is just a small sample – there will be much more!

League championships as opposed to eSports games will be organized  for Xbox One players only, with restriction to people living in Europe. League Format: Short qualification + 50% race distance. Race time: Sundays, 20:30 (7.30 UK)

When will Season 6 officially begin? That’s a good question. We would ideally like the new season to start the same week as AOR (November 7th) but this is generally dependant on the stability of the lobbies and the patches that Codemasters release leading up to this date.


Timeline:If you are interested in joining ERL, please fill in the following questionnaire. We look forward to your applications by Tuesday, September 25.



If you are a new ERL member, please also join our closed social media group on Facebook:



12th of September, deadline for sending questionnaires for actual erl members

24th of September, we will announce all details such as the official league calendar and information about car allocation. Also we will contact selected people to confirm them in season 6.

25-26th of September we will publish the final list of drivers divided into teams in both leagues and we will inform you about cars draw, pre-season test races  and official calendar

Please note that completing the questionnaire is not obligatory and will not have an effect on your signing up to ERL. The final decision regarding your position will be made by the ERL Admins after learning about the player’s profile, verification of skills – both driving and interpersonal.

We would also like to note that we at ERL are not looking for the fastest players but those that can guarantee their participation and be committed to the championship. In case there is doubt, the ERL Admins reserve the right to request that new drivers participate in additional testing sessions to acclimatise them to ERL’s style of racing.
Good Luck!
ERL Admins


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