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ERL is launching its new season 5!!!  We are excited to open sign-ups for the new season 5 in European Racing League which is first ever open recrutiment in ERL hitory. If you are 16 years or older, you are living in Europe and would like to test yourself in one of the most competitive F1 Xbox One Leagues, then please read carefully the rest of the article and send to us your questionnaire.

Season 4 was a massive success, the championship went down to the last 2 races and was eventually won by ERL to the Max, all the while being chased down by ERL Kubica. Not to mention the constructors championship went to Team Force India, ERL Crissel and FreshLP.

ERL has had a 4 week break and we are now back, we have 6 slots available for non ERL members. Season 5 is starting next week with a warm-up race on the 22nd April, New season will start on 29th April.
ERL is an exciting league with some massive talent, it is also some of the closest racing on the Xbox and one of the cleanest too. we strive to give you a fun enviroment and exciting close racing. Can you prove to be one of our best?

Our ERL league is also a feeder into our Esports team, which we race other leagues around the world on a bi-weekly basis, this has been started in February and we have currently raced WF1 and Team Espania, hoping to arrange some more in the near future. We will take any driver seriously for a team position.

All our races in season 5 will be streamed on twitch and broadcast to our Youtube channel, all will feature commentary also. our League product is fast becoming a famous product after 4 succesful seasons we are still growing and going strong.


Race rules & settings:

Lobby opens 20 minutes before the race at 21:10( 20.10pm UK), we go to track at 21:30 (20.30pm UK)
Race distance 50%
Short 12minutes Qualifying
Weather – Dynamic
Safety Car – ON
Cars Performance – Equal
Corner Cutting Rules: Strict
Damages: Reduced

Brake Assist – Banned
ABS – Banned
Traction – Full TC banned
Racing Line – Allowed
Gears – Allowed
Pit Limiter – Banned
Pit Lane Assist – Banned




This time we have prepared for you a short season consisting of 10 rounds and we hope for an even more exciting and tasty season.  We’ll start the championships in Great Britain on the Silverstone track on Sunday April 29, and the season will end on June 6 in Abu Dhabi! The first and last race of the season will be preceded by full 3-part qualifications that will take place on Saturday at 20! For other Grand Prix 2-9 in calendar will take place short qualifications  and they will be played together in the same day with the Sunday races.


  1. Great Britain GP – 29.04 – Full Q Saturday 20:00 (7pm UK) – Race Sunday 21:20 (8.20pm UK)
  2. Canadian GP – 06.05 – Short Q & Race 21:20 (8.20pm UK)
  3. Australian GP – 13.05 – Short Q & Race 21:20 (8.20pm UK)
  4. Belgium GP – 20.05 – Short Q & Race 21:20 (8.20pm UK)
  5. Austrian GP – 27.05 – Short Q & Race 21:20 (8.20pm UK)
  6. Italian GP – 03.06 – Short Q & Race 21:20 (8.20pm UK)
  7. Brazilian – 10.06 – Short Q & Race 21:20 (8.20pm UK)
  8. Singapore – 17.06 – Short Q & Race 21:20 (8.20pm UK)
  9. Chinesse – 24.06 – Short Q & Race 21:20 (8.20pm UK)
  10. Abu Dhabi – 01.07  – Full Q Saturday 20:00 (7pm UK) – Race Sunday 21:20 (8.20pm UK)



The first step to join ERL is to complete the survey. Based on it, our recruiters will assess whether you meet the requirements we set for new ERL members. We are waiting for your aplication until  Saturday  21th of April  15:00 (2pm UK). Link to the survey:

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