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Another big announcement today! On Saturday, March 2 ERL Esports PC Roster has just expanded by 2 big names! Thanks to that, our Esports Lineup for this year’s AOR Esports Tournament has been officially completed! ?


  • ERL Esports PC drivers will compete in AOR Teams Esports Tournament
  • The PC edition has been launched on the 8th of March
  • Both of the  drivers on a daily basis compete in F3 of the AOR League 

Please give a warm welcome to:


Ian, „ERL Ciniak”-  is a 25 years old Dutch sim-racer from Rotterdam. He started back in 2010 on the Playstation but took a break between 2013-2016. Now he competes in AOR on PC and the Ziggo Pro League on PS4. During S14 and S15 he scored several top 5 finishes and a podium in F2. Currently he competes in AOR F3 where he scored 3 podiums and a race so far. He will also be competing in the upcoming Ziggo Pro League season. A big fan of Karting, Gaming and Anime.


Przemek, „ERL Leman” – Przemek as one of the youngest ERL Team members just starting his esports journey and he can not compete yet in Esports, but he  is already playing important role in our team, and we have a great plans with him for the future. He is very determined and conscientiously works on his success to get better every day.  Very talanted and hard worker.



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